Sunday, February 19, 2012

Osaka (Intro)

Jiha had just finish her paper for SPM, so she deserved a vacation and a lot of places popped toour mind. Yes, OURS! A lot of places were suggested and after a lot of consideration about the cost, weather, and the duration of flight, we decided to take the offer from AirAsia X promotion to Osaka. Very good price i can say.

So, Osaka it is. Mama as the chief de' mission prepared all the documents necessary to travel ie. tickets, visa and all the stuff. I, apparently was battling with my final papers at UNITEN. I finished my paper on 4th Jan and fly to Osaka on 8th. Just in time!

We start our journey at 5.00 am and headed to LCCT straight away. Our flight was scheduled at 7.50am and take about 6 hours.

Holiday mom is a happy mom

Sleepy head...

Like a boss!

The hardworking


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