Sunday, February 26, 2012

Osaka (The Arrival)

Ok, so we reached Kansai Airport at 4.00 pm local time and it was already dark outside! It's winter and the temperature is around 10 degree C. So we rushed our ways to the hotel before the sun sets as we aren't familiar with this area. To make it more challenging, we are travelling on our own, no tour guide or even ground clearance. Even worse, none of us can read and speak Japanese, only Abang can speak a little, thanks to his 3rd language class on KUSESS.

Maps for The Kansai Airport

Rushing to the train station

The train to Namba Station

Japanese trademark..?

We took the express train, which stop at less stations so less time taken to reach Namba. At 5.45 pm we reached Namba station and decided to just walk to our hotel. We could take subway there but we are so eager to have a look around the city despite the cold weather and our luggage.
The distance is around 2km and we walk for about 20 mins, including pit stop at the local mini mart for some onigiri. We are shivering all the way (4 degree C) and take a few stops for heater in the mini mart while feasting our eyes with the snacks and packed foods. Yes, their packed foods look really really goood!

Inside Namba Station

Our luggage

Just outside Namba

City atmosphere

Abang teaching us how to properly unwrap the onigiri


Finally arrive Osaka Fujiya

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