Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hello from Azmahal

The blog has been facelifted to make it more spicy and juicy to all the readers with a new mission as our family travel journal. We are sharing our experienced here so you can make it as your reference in future. Me personally like to read others travel blog to gather information abt places that I wanted to go. Don't you think its a hands-on infos that i could pathetic huh..

Am disgressing...too much intro, well after osaka we(whole family) went to vientianne, laos during the CNY(21/1/12 -24/1/12). The destination was chosen by the king of azmahal kingdom. Why laos??? cause everyone has not been there, shorter flying time & a remote asian country.

Before we tell you more about Vientianne, Laos let's complete the Osaka trip. Azlan is chasing me to add more spice to it..almost 5 months  and we still not done with it...sobs sobs.

Btw where did u stop Azlan?



Am an invited author...pls wait for my next update!