Monday, March 8, 2010

Mercedes Driving Experiences

Dad was invited to join Mercedes Driving Experiences and sponsored by NZ Wheels. So, 2 seats, he was planning to go with my bro as i'm not into Merc, haha.... Unfortunately, bro was sick and i had to replace him. So off we go to Sepang on 8.15 am 7th March.

Mercedes Driving Experiences is basically an advance driving class using Merc car to practice. It's aim is to let the driver know the full potential of their car and appreciate the technology that come with the car. It also prepare the driver to recover when there is a mistake done on the road and to avoid accident happen.

Arrive at the paddock at 9 am. I feel like walking in enemy camp as there was hell lot of Merc owner. So, proceed to the registration counter and received free cap, shirt and bag. Then, the fun begin!!

At pit in E 300

other car that was on the event

Dad taking the first corner

2nd Corner

Ready to blast

There were 8 activities need to be completed before they let you drive at Sepang for 4 lap.
  1. ABS braking
  2. 2 surfaces braking
  3. cornering
  4. slalom test
  5. slalom test then emergency braking
  6. avoiding obstacle
  7. drifting
  8. recovering in corner
We were given chances to test B 170, C 200K and 230, E 300, S 300L, R 280 and ML 350. So review : E 300 was suprisingly responsive while the ML was comfort and feel luxury on the inside. R 280 was just like any other mpv, which i think not worth spending money to. B class was like a car with only Merc badge, it doesn't feel Merc at all. Lastly, the C-class. The 230 was nice. The car feels light. The interior has more sporty bits than the 200. Handling wise is just the same, but the 200 scream louder.

Inside C 230

Lap session in C 200K

I was given the chance to do 4 Lap at Sepang with C 200K (poor car, I really whack the engine till redline to catch up with the 230, and during 2nd lap, the gearbox disengage. Need to shift to P than back to D). Dad had a better luck. He get to drive the C 230.

Overall, the event was great! Great food, great instructor, and i should say also great car. The most memorable is; I DRIFT an S-Class!! That would be once in a life time only I think... Mercedes has improve alot and make me change my perception on them. But to change from Bimmer to Merc...