Friday, August 22, 2008

X6 is here

We were invited to Auto Bavaria Glenmarie for their launching of BMW X6. So, just came back from there with my bro and still amazed with this coupe SUV, first in the world. This is car is awesome, pack with technology and the engine was 3.0L Twin Turbo claiming 306bhp. And the coolest part, Raju says "kalau kita dayung sampan left and right, sampan akan jalan straight, kalau kita nak belok kiri, kita dayung belah kanan. So this car, bila dia sense steering pusing let say kiri, dia akan transfer more power to right wheel". Cool eh......

The Power Pack


me testing :)

sesuai kan???

co-pilot test : PASSED

Lastly, the best part


Then, sebelum kita orang balik, ada photographer approach kitorang and nak amek gambar, so tanpa segan silu pose la kitorang around bar dia tu.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Shot

Welcome to my blog, Nobody is perfect... so first shot, who am I? OK, I am nobody ;) , a cheerful teen yet very temperamental person and love bike, guitars, IT gadget, sleep, surf net, play cs.........(and the list goes on...). Then, the controversy, why pistol? Ever wonder why? Actually i always said to my bro, we, each of us, need a pistol, to defense our self. So as for now, this is my pistol, first one... haha....